New community events guidance

Learn more about planning for outdoor community events through our new Guidance for Planning Outdoor Community Events in Enfield’s Public Spaces.

Outdoor community events are a great way to connect with your local neighbourhood and the people within it. Whether it’s a street party, winter market or public workshop, community events are not complicated to organise with a little bit of advance planning.

The Guidance for Planning Outdoor Community Events in Enfield’s Public Spacesprovides support to any community groups who don’t have any previous experience in organising small events. It helps them to navigate the application process and make sure they are aware of and comply to a series of basic health and safety measures.

Prepared by Journeys and Places, with support from Jan Kattein Architects and Act National, the guidance applies to any public free-to-attend one-day outdoor events located on public roads, squares or pavements within the borough of Enfield, organised by local community groups for the benefit of local people.

In line with the Enfield Council Plan, the guidance empowers residents and community groups to take positive action in their neighbourhoods, building on social capital and networks which help make the borough better for everyone.

Read more about and view the guidance document here.