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About Journeys and Places

Enfield Council's Journeys and Places programme empowers people in Enfield to make sustainable choices for themselves, their community and our planet.

Love being local
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We support local people to connect with each other to create vibrant spaces and a greener, healthier future.

Changing the way we travel, particularly for the many short journeys we take each day, contributes towards significant reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions. Enfield Council has declared a climate emergency, recognising that we face an unprecedented global challenge and must take action to reverse the effects of climate change.

Whichever way you travel for your daily journeys, you should be safe to travel on or near roads. We are striving for Vision Zero, that is, zero people killed or seriously injured on Enfield roads. Unfortunately this is not currently the case. It is essential that we work to make it safer for all people using roads, streets, footpaths and cycleways to travel in the ways they choose.

Air quality can be affected by a range of factors, emissions from motor vehicle being one of them, and is associated with a number of health conditions. By changing journeys from using private vehicles to walking, wheeling and cycling, particularly for short journeys that we take each day, fewer cars will be emitting fumes that affect our health.

Many young people and adults in Enfield are lacking in physical activity, which can lead to poor health and place pressures on our NHS. In Enfield, almost a third of Year 6 children are classified as obese and more than half of adults are classified as overweight or obese. Helping people to increase their level of physical activity as a normal part of their daily lives is a core part of the Council’s approach to addressing this challenge.

The type, cost and location of transport has an impact on everyone. People who live in more deprived areas are disproportionately affected by the impacts of congestion, access to transport, poor air quality, climate change and poor health. Walking and cycling are low-cost modes of travel, and can improve access to education, employment and other opportunities in the borough and more widely.

There were a billion motor vehicles miles travelled on roads in Enfield in 2021. There has been a steady trend over the past 20 years of increased motor vehicles miles in the Borough (with an inevitable reduction during the lockdowns associated with Covid-19). With more cars on the road, roads are becoming more and more congested particularly on minor roads that are not designed to cope with large volumes of traffic.

About the programme

Journeys and Places delivers a range of projects across Enfield. Our work includes:

  1. Delivering a walking and cycling network including cycleways, improved footways, pedestrian crossings, cycle parking and trees and greenery along these routes
  2. Working with residents and businesses to enhance places including town centres and high streets to support commercial viability and vitality, strengthen local communities, and enhance the environment with greenery and art
  3. Making neighbourhoods safer for all road users to walk, wheel and cycle to and around including at our local schools, with lower levels of motor traffic, lower speeds of motor traffic, and cycle parking for residents
  4. Informing and inspiring about active travel through community events; opportunities to wheel and cycle for disabled people, young people and older people including cycle training; and promoting the benefits of active travel.
  5. The Journeys and Places programme was previously called the Healthy Streets programme. We are still the same programme and are working towards the same goals. Our work continues to be underpinned by the Healthy Streets approach. This work builds on progress achieved during the previous ‘Cycle Enfield’ project, which saw significant improvements made to help enable people in Enfield to walk, wheel and cycle. We continue to support people in Enfield to travel actively in the way they choose, and all of our initiatives are now captured as part of our Journeys and Places programme.

See what’s happening and have your say

You can find more information on individual projects on the Let's Talk Enfield website. Here you will also find the latest engagement and consultation opportunities on Journeys and Places projects.

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