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Find or request cycle parking near you

There is cycle parking across Enfield on local streets, town centres, transport hubs and other key destinations. These facilities enable you to safely and securely park or store your bike.

Request cycle parking

You can request cycle parking near your home, or at a location where you think people would benefit from having somewhere to lock their bike, for example near a GP surgery or shops. 

Please visit https://cyclehoop.rentals/ to see where your nearest secure cycle parking space is and current availability. If there is a space available within your preferred unit please contact cycleparking@enfield.gov.uk for a space to be allocated. You will be contacted by directly by CycleHoop to pay the 12-month fee of £72 plus a £25 key deposit. There is no waiting list available so please check the website regularly for constant updates.

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Our interactive map

Find cycle parking near you on our interactive map.

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Types of cycle parking

There are different types of cycle parking available depending on where you are cycling to or how you want to store your bike.

Residential bike hangars

A lack of space for storing a bike prevents some people from cycling. Bike hangars enable people who do not have much space in their homes to store their bikes securely nearby. Bike hangars can fit six bikes and take up roughly the space needed to park a car. A hangar space costs £72 per year to rent (£25 key deposit refundable if you end your membership upon return of the key). 

So far there are 85 bike hangars across Enfield, and we hope to continue delivering them so that more residents can access cycle parking near their home. We have received suggestions for over 400 secure cycle parking locations from residents and, where a suitable location can be found, are working to prioritise areas of high demand and potential for people to cycle more.

Cycle hubs at stations

Our first two secure cycle hubs are located at Enfield Town and Edmonton Green train stations. The cycle hubs are secured, covered facilities with space for 50 cycles and three non-standard cycles. The hubs can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by members who are provided with an access card. The hubs are captured by CCTV and well-lit at night-time and are fitted with a bike pump and repair tools.

Membership is £25 a year for access to both Enfield Town and Edmonton Green cycle hubs. The Cycle Hubs are managed by Cyclehoop on behalf of Enfield Council. To apply for a space, click on the one of the links below:


For terms and conditions, please visit cyclehoop.rentals/how-it-works/cycle-hubs

On street cycle stands

Short stay visitor parking is available in town centres, at community buildings, transport hubs and other places people like to visit to make their cycle journeys more convenient and accessible.

In Enfield we normally use ‘U’ shaped stands, known as Sheffield stands. Where space is limited, cycle hoops may be attached to lamp posts instead.