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A warm welcome to our Electric Assist Vehicle

Last week we took delivery of our first Electric Assist Vehicle (EAV) and it won’t be long before you start spotting its distinctive presence on the streets of Enfield.

Our EAV will be supporting our numerous Dr Bike sessions around Enfield as well as our project consultation and engagement events. An efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to move yourself and goods around the borough. The EAV has a range of 40 miles on one charge, reach speeds of 15.5mph and carry 150kg of cargo. It’s pedestrian zone, road and cycle lane friendly, made from recyclable and sustainable materials, has automotive standard lighting and provides protection in all weather conditions.


If you’re interested in saving money and improving your green credentials, take a look at our Cargo Around Enfield page. We still have 2 months to run on the pilot and are offering free advice and one-off subsides to help businesses in Enfield switch to either using a third-party cargo bike delivery service, or to put towards the purchase of your own bike. Get in touch with us using the online form if you’d like to find out more and join Journeys and Places in making our borough greener.