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We’re winning!

Our Place Shaping team have been busy winning two awards recently. An award at the recent Planning Awards and a Pineapples Award. Huge congratulations to the team on these great achievements!

Our Place Shaping team recently won an award at the Planning Awards 2023! The awards showcased the outstanding work across the planning and placemaking sectors and recognised excellence in planning and associated placemaking disciplines, including heritage conservation, urban design, economic development, partnership working, environmental consultancy, housing and law.


The Place Shaping team here at Enfield Council won the award for Fostering a Healthy Town Centre for the Good Growth for Angel Edmonton project.

At the core of the project is a belief that a healthy community makes for a healthy town. Opening design processes to local people has allowed a project of modest scale touching upon the lives of thousands. The project has created a new community space. Its greatest legacy however is the capacity, networks and organisations that have been established to forward its objectives of safety, inclusion, creativity, opportunity and empowerment. The project is a blueprint for how we can leverage the capacity and initiative of communities to forward impactful, long-term change with learning now being applied in other Enfield town centres.


The team also won The Pineapples Award 2023 for Creative Retrofit for the Fore Street Living Room Library. Funded by the Greater London Authority’s Good Growth Fund, the library and a disused garage yard have been transformed into a Living Room, affordable workspaces, public realm improvements and a School Street. Elevated reading nooks and heavy curtains for privacy encourage a stronger relationship with reading. Increased opening hours and an events programme intend to bring local groups together.