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Journeys and Places: The story so far

Enfield Council’s Journeys and Places programme enables and encourages people in Enfield to make sustainable daily journeys for themselves and for our planet. We are connecting local people to local places for a greener, healthier future.

The Journeys and Places programme is an evolution of what was known as the Healthy Streets programme. We are still the same programme that is working towards the same goals, and continue to align our work with the Healthy Streets approach.

The programme has been delivered by Enfield Council since 2014, when it was originally called the Cycle Enfield programme and funded by Transport for London’s Mini-Holland scheme. As it expanded to deliver projects in neighbourhoods and town centres and new funding was received from other partners, the Council changed the name to ‘Healthy Streets’ to better reflect the scope of the programme. We have now re-launched the programme with the new name of Journeys and Places to capture the focus of people travelling in sustainable ways to their local places.

We have delivered significant improvements for people in Enfield to walk, wheel, cycle and travel actively in other ways. We continue to support people in Enfield to travel actively in the way they choose by creating a network of safe and accessible walking and cycling routes, training young people and adults in cycle skills, offering community events and opportunities, delivering secure cycle parking for residents, and many other initiatives.

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Journeys and Places is enabling people to walk, wheel, cycle and connect to public transport for their daily journeys.