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What people are saying about cycle training

Our cycle training is popular with people of all ages and abilities. And it’s free! See what people have had to say about their experience of cycle training below, and find out more about our courses.

“Very patient, explained the steps really well. Made the process of learning to cycle easy.”

“David has been very encouraging, helpful and a great instructor throughout my cycling journey. From knowing nothing about riding a bike three weeks ago, now I feel confident to cycle. I learnt a lot about changing gears, taking breaks, keeping control of the bike, and navigating smoothly past pedestrians and cyclists. David was very supportive and consistently giving me good feedback, which helped me to improve and feel confident. I literarily don’t know how time passes while I’m practicing my cycling skills. David has been a brilliant instructor throughout and I am so grateful to him for helping me achieve my cycling dream!”

“Thank you for teaching me to cycle, your limitless patience, how everything was explained/showed in a way I understood and taking the time to explain why things are done rather than just telling me to do them. You explained things properly and have the highest teaching ethic, which made me feel at ease on the bike, less nervous and built my confidence. It will be a lifelong memory that a super instructor taught me how to ride a bike in my old age.”

“The training is a great service. Although I had cycled many years ago, David took the time to take me through some really good basics that I never understood before. I would highly recommend this for anyone thinking of taking up the saddle again. I undertook the training so I can start commuting to work and leave my car at home to help the environment and get healthy and fit. Thank you.”

“David was fantastic. I had never even sat on a bike before the course so I could not believe that I would be pedalling independently in session 2. David was calm, knowledgeable, skilful and humorous, and went out of his way to help me. I felt safe throughout and I cannot thank him enough. I wish I had booked the course many years ago.”

“It’s appreciated that you talked to me instead of just going through the steps. I had more faith in your encouragements than anything else. You are really patient understanding and overall a good teacher.”

“Brilliant instructor, explained & demonstrated easily & perfectly, I would recommend to others.”

“As a total beginner I had a lot to learn but now feel that I can ride a bike. I have to practice a bit more before venturing out onto the roads but having the lessons has made it possible for me to make a start and figure out what I need to do next. Thank you so much for your patience and motivation.”

“I had a great session. It was fun and I learnt loads. I felt so much more confident in looking after my bike. Understanding the gears and how to use my bike. With a few more sessions, I know I will build up confidence to ride on the road. However I do feel that right now I could safely cycle in cycle lanes without worrying I’ll be a danger to myself or others.”

“David is an amazing instructor, he immediately put me at ease, his style of teaching worked for me as he explained with examples, and help increased my confidence.”

“Thanks for your patience, clear instructions and motivating feedback. I made good progress today and feel more confident about signalling, looking behind me and turning. I really enjoyed the session and will keep working on my cycling skills and confidence!”

“I am so thankful to my instructor for the great experience I had in the cycling learning process. Very encouraging and very good techniques used for me to learn balance and pedalling very quickly.”

“Thanks ever so much for your guidance, motivation, support and thorough feedback. Thanks for kindling the drive in me to cycle and teaching me all the necessary skills to gain confidence. I really enjoyed cycling around the park and want to practice on the road more. I am so looking forward to our next class. Keep up the excellent work!”

“Thank you for your patience and excellent training. It gave me a lot more confidence to go out and cycle.”

“Our instructor David was simply excellent. My son Max clicked with him and learnt to take his first tentative ride without stabilizers. Thank you David for being so good at your job.”

“Thank you for your attentiveness and kindness and very knowledgeable and progressive style in delivering the training. I’m looking forward for the next session, so I can bring my skills learnt today a step forward and confidently know how to ride a bicycle so I can advance and ride on the road.”

“Thank you so much David, you were amazing today with Alfie and he loved every minute. He has not stopped talking about it as he enjoyed it so much.”

“3 thumbs 👍👍👍 to David. Highly recommend him to teach more students.”

“Thank you so much, yesterday surpassed all my expectations. I am so glad and can’t wait to start practising.”

“I’m very thankful to David for his guidance, passion and knowledge about cycling. I’m really excited about buying a bike and trying out the cycle paths in the area. Keep up the good work.”

“David is a great instructor. He supported me mentally as well as teaching me all the necessary information to feel safe in traffic. He patiently explained the rules over and over again. I am sure that I will now ride safer on the roads. Thank you so much for everything.”

“Thank you for an amazing session. I was unsure whether, at my age, I would be able to build enough confidence to take the next step in purchasing a bike and continue practicing to become a safe cycler on the road. Although I am not quite there yet, I have learnt so much in the two hours and really looking forward to the next sessions to further build on my skills.”

Find out more about our courses here.

Schools love our Bikeability cycle training programme

See what schools are saying below about the Bikeability cycle training.

“Thank you to the instructors for being so accommodating”
Honilands Primary School (June 2022)

“Two excellent and organised instructors made the week run really smoothly.  All children who participated thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you very much.”
Bush Hill Park Primary School (April 2022)

“Thank you. The instructors were both really accommodating, and the children enjoyed the whole experience.”
Wilbury Primary School (March 2022)

“The children really enjoyed their sessions.  One child spoke about how her dad took her out on the road for a bike ride after she had completed the training.”
George Spicer Primary School (March 2022)

“It was a pleasure to have your team in as always. The children thoroughly enjoyed their sessions and made visible progress. Thanks again!”
Churchfield Primary School (January 2022)

“This was a fantastic programme that all children involved thoroughly enjoyed. The instructors were fantastic, and we cannot wait to work with them again. Thank you.”
Merryhills Primary School (October 2021)

“The course was very good and thorough. We relish the chance to rebook for next year.”
Edmonton County School (October 2021)

“The instructors were excellent. Our pupils really enjoyed the course, and we are super proud of what they achieved. Many thanks again! We look forward to rebooking the training in the future.”
Capel Manor Primary School (October 2021)