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Taim’s Story

I now cycle to school as it’s the most efficient and environmentally friendly way for me to get there. Cycling enables me to travel quickly and without using up too much energy which in turn lets me ride further. I now have more stamina to ride to the shops or just for fun. I like that cycling is better for the environment and it also helps me to social distance better than using public transport.

“Enfield has nice, clean parks to ride in and the paths are safe.”

I learnt to cycle before coming to London but got my bike in May since moving to Enfield.

When my dad applied for a space in the cycle hangar I was happy as I don’t have worry about my bike getting stolen. Having cycle parking is good for saving space in our garden and keeps my bike safe.

I like the segregated cycle lanes but it would be nice to have a little bit more space as, given my age, I sometimes cycle on the pavements and some pedestrians tell me off saying that I should be riding on the road.

I really enjoy cycling with my friends and my dad and I hope that as I get older I will start to cycle just on the roads but in the meantime, it would be good to have wider paths to let two people cycle next to each other.