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Matthew’s Story

I like cycling for many reasons – speed of travel, great way to exercise, it’s fun, no emissions, the freedom it gives, ability to see more of London and no need to wait for public transport. I also love being able to teach my children to ride and being able to go on rides as a family.

“Overall, I think that cycling in Enfield is good and I’m a fan of the cycling infrastructure in Palmers Green.”

I first learnt to cycle as a child but stopped when I first moved to London and restarted about 15 years ago. I live in a terraced house and didn’t have somewhere to store my bike. I now have easy access to my bike without having to take it through my house especially when it’s wet.

I generally use my bike for commuting to work and leisure activities but having space in a bike hangar has led me to cycling more often and for many types of different journeys.

I would like to see continued infrastructure improvements along with a bike share scheme to improve access to bikes.