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Justin’s Story

The first day I rode to work, I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t wait to ride home. I’m cycling about two to three days a week at the moment.

“I am really enjoying it, and hope to start cycling to work every day soon!”

I am new to cycling and have started commuting to work a few times a week from Bush Hill Park to Farringdon. I was never a cyclist, but my dad has always loved it and my daughter now loves it too.

My decision to buy a bike and start cycling to work came after a number of events started pointing me to cycling. I had seen the new cycle lanes go in along Green Lanes, and my employer offers a Cycle to Work scheme as well as good facilities for cyclists. We had also been on a family holiday where we had hired bikes and had an amazing time cycling around the town.

I had done a lot of research before I started commuting by bike. I have learnt and am now more conscious of cycling defensively, and I acknowledge and thank drivers who are aware of cyclists and drive well. I am enjoying the fitness each day and have been getting more confident so the time it takes from home to work is getting faster. I am feeling more energised when I get to work because the ride clears my head and I’ve been sleeping very well.