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Janet’s Story

I used to love driving cars and in fact, I worked for a car manufacturer and would test drive cars. Now I think it’s important to share the road correctly and that this be embedded into driving courses for new drivers. On the occasions that I do drive, I notice people who are cycling overtaking me whilst I sit in traffic. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d consider giving up my car for good!

“My mentality used to be ‘no way will you ever get me on a bike in London’… now I love it and the fact that it has improved my health and fitness.”

I am new to cycling and recently moved to Ponders End. Following a knee injury my doctor recommended taking up swimming or cycling, so I decided to give cycling a try! My family had always enjoyed cycling, but for a long time my mentality was ‘no way will you ever get me on a bike in London’!

Since taking up riding, my knee has gained strength and I can stand easily and walk without pain. I love it and the fact it has improved my health and fitness. The Cycle Confident one to one training helped me navigate large junctions on my bike and try out my new cycle to work route.

I would never have ventured out without the support of the Cycle Confident courses. I am now cycling part of my commute to work in Islington, and as I build up my fitness hope to travel the whole way by bike. I have also signed up for the Bike Maintenance course and used the Dr Bike service.