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Henry’s Story

My favourite thing about cycling is that it’s like entering another world; you’re floating along in fresh air, in the same way you go swimming or skiing. It’s genuinely relaxing and keeps you fit.

“I moved to Enfield in 1975 and have used the new cycle lanes when travelling along the A105.”

My bike is a hand-built bike built by Pat Hanlon, a well-known bike racer, in the 1950s. It’s a vintage bike that was a present for my 13th birthday from my parents. I’ve had it all that time. I’ve changed the wheels and gears myself over the years, and recently took it in to Dr Bike at the Edmonton Green Cycle Hub. They were really nice guys who were genuinely interested in my bike, and fixed my handlebars and gave my wheels a pump. It’s important people have their bikes maintained to stay safe. I’m also big on being visible to drivers and wearing my helmet.

My parents never let me have a bike. They thought it was dangerous. All the other kids had one, and I was so desperate to ride that I borrowed a friend’s bike one day and rode home for lunch. I convinced my parents that I should have a bike, and through perseverance I taught myself to ride. I would ride in all conditions, and all through the Winter. I’ve been to Denmark and seen how the cycle lanes can be integrated into the road layout.