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George and Sheila’s Story

I am 64 years old and hadn’t cycled for almost 20 years. I started again this spring after successfully applying for a space in my local bike hangar and my wife and I buying e-bikes.

“The bikes are heavy and large and without a bike hanger we would have had problems getting the bikes in and out and storing them in the house.”

The bike hangar has made it easy to park and access the bikes, and keep them secure. For that reason, I am more likely to use the bike for local trips and exercise.

I have a car but I don’t want to rely on it for short journeys. I love the feeling cycling gives me, being able to travel without polluting my environment, go where cars are not allowed and it is a less boring and a lot faster than walking! I am glad that Enfield have invested in cycling.

The bike lanes are fantastic and there are some great parks to go through as an alternative to busy and polluted roads. Some car drivers can be aggressive, dangerous and thoughtless but pedestrians are more accepting of cyclists and take steps to share more.

As a pedestrian, a cyclist and a car driver I now view other cyclists differently than I used to and am more aware of their presence.