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Emma’s Story

I have been cycling for over 40 years but with no rear access to the garden and steps up to my front door, it has become increasingly difficult for me to get my bike in and out of the house.

“I am now far more inclined to use my bike for leisure, shopping and visiting friends.”

Being able to store my bike in a cycle hanger has made it easier for me to use my bike more regularly and since having my space, I commute daily 3 miles to and from the local secondary school I work in, making use of the cycle networks.

Motorists, on the whole, are accommodating but it would be easier if they stopped parking in cycle lanes and if there were less potholes!

I cycle as it’s healthier for me, for the environment, less stressful, quicker than driving short distances and most of all it’s pleasurable. I love the physical and mental freedom that cycling gives you!